RSA Portfolio Advice Evening 2014

Final year students travelled to the Royal Society of Arts in London on the
1st May for their annual portfolio advice evening.

This valuable and transformative event allowed students to talk through their work with some of the capitals leading creative companies across all fields of graphic design.

In showing their portfolios, students were able to gain valuable presentation skills and build confidence in their work ahead of entering the professional world in June. Importantly, they also gained great feedback to enable them to fine tune projects ahead of course deadlines for their assessment and degree show in four weeks time.

“The chance to talk to industry professionals and get honest criticism gave me the motivation to push my projects; It was a great opportunity, I made some fantastic contacts and was lucky enough to be offered interviews and internships in the following days. I would do it again in a heartbeat, such a great night.” James Holdsworth

The 65 students who took part and the course team were delighted with attendance and incredibly grateful for the support and advice offered during the evening. Up to 140 professional designers and creative directors came along from some of London’s leading businesses to include BBH, Channel 4, Design Bridge, GBH, The Chase, The Times, Turner Duckworth and SAS to name but a few.

“RSA was a great experience, especially in regards to feedback from the huge range of designers. The turnout was fantastic… I don’t think I took a breath until about half past 9. The engagement from designers was incredible too, they all had a great insight into our portfolios whether we were presenting a working project that they could get their mind stuck into or a way to take a finished project to the next level.” Charlotte Alibon

2014 RSA photo 2

2014 RSA photo 3

2014 RSA photo 4

2014 RSA photo 5

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