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The second typography workshop day started with Ashley introducing ‘type roulette’, our quick-fire method of selecting student’s work at random, inviting individuals to present their work and receiving in-depth feedback. Followed by the second-in-series lecture on typography, Andy introduced the day’s topics with a set of definitions, guiding principles and comparative facts, which led to the to the focus of the day – crafting type for legibility and accessibility.

14.40.06 Typography-5

Encompassing historic angles on type functionality, including commentary by Morris and Tschichold, the wide ranging lecture touched on topics such as font classification, characterisation and attributes and, in particular, the more specific interrelationships of font, size, leading and measure, whose spacial relationships crucially determines functionality and readability.

14.40.06 Typography-6

Again, the lecture was followed by a studio workshop, where several tasks were introduced and executed in quick succession, each introducing a further aspect to font, form & function. A demanding workshop for all, the day concluded with an introduction to type hierarchy in layout, and setting a task to be explored and completed for next week’s type roulette.

14.40.06 Typography-7

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