… pre-empting grid lock

Building on the last two Typography & Editorial workshops, this week’s topic was an introduction to structures and grids. Having considered and experimented with many typographic fundamentals before, in particular typefaces and their relationships in size, orientation and alignments, tracking, kerning, leading and line feed, measure, columns, gutters, alleys, margins, and more – all of which by now should form part of second year Graphic Design student’s standard vocabulary – a start was made to bring all these aspects together under one umbrella and make them work as one cohesive whole.

14.10.15 Typography-9

Andy introduced a number of additional considerations in his lecture, in particular the concept of proportions. This he introduced by the example of the golden ratio, its roots in mathematics, its recurrence in nature and its close relation to the Fibonacci number series.

This in turn led to an in-depth introduction of grids and other approaches to structure documents and layouts. These underlying frameworks are vital to the cohesiveness of any complex layout and are designed to make publications accessible and pleasant to use. To start appreciating the skills necessary to design complex publications, an exercise was set to de-construct a newspaper layout which entailed analysis of type hierarchies, principle alignments and branded style sheets, culminating in the reconstruction of the underlying grid.

14.10.15 Typography-10

The workshops concluded with the setting of tasks to be completed in time for the next session, namely revisiting today’s topics and completing the various elements worked on throughout the day, as well as an assignment to experiment with a detailed contents page layout.

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