… type roulette

The day started with another round of type roulette skilfully led by Neil, followed by the introduction of a further brief and pep talk by Ashley. The new assignment aims to bring together the various aspects of typography we have worked on so far and introduces a larger publication which requires a holistic approach . This marks a significant step change in the programme.

14.10.15 Typography-12

The idea here is to prepare a comprehensive design proposition, develop and set a style and present a fully fledged proposal much like a design studio would to a client. As such, the proposed publication will have a cover, opening and contents pages, principal spreads for the transcripts and biographies supplied, plus any other pages necessary to illustrate the chosen direction. Ashley also reiterated that this is primarily a skill based assignment and, for once, concepts are taking a second place. While it is desirable to develop a design that contains a concept, this is not the focus for this assignment and may work without one. However, great care and consideration must be taken to understand and cater for the appropriate audience(s) and to create a style that is sympathetic to both subject and context. Time must be taken to carefully consider structure, hierarchy and grids to give a backbone to the publication, as well as an appropriate style to give it individuality and nous.

Andy reminded everyone to remember all the previous typography sessions and approach the new assignment with consideration rather than a head on attack. Slow down, evaluate materials supplied, consider possible structures, experiment with style, and only then start to build it.

Student we’re also asked to revisit their record keeping and to keep abreast of requirements that will become vital at assessment stage.

The afternoon then saw the first tutor tutorial team meetings. These were relatively short sessions but allowed everyone to take the opportunity and meet their team, discuss the new workshop format and clarify expectations all around.

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