‘Designing with lettershapeS’ was the last in term workshop under the umbrella of typography. The seminar was attended by a group of twenty students who had chosen this particular event with yet another angle to typography from the other in-series options.

14.12.08 Typography-14

The brief given challenged students to use purely typographic means to convey a concept, notion or sentiment by interpreting a chosen word, quote or theme and expressing it in a simple, direct and unusual way. Only typographic elements such as letter shapes or parts thereof, or adaptations of their forms and components could be used. The aim was to create quirky and memorable compositions by applying judicious placement and juxtapositions, using black & white or greyscale only.

This was very much a hands-on workshop which encouraged experimentation and blue sky thinking. Students worked singly or in pairs using a playful and informal approach, embracing elements of chance and serendipity.

14.12.08 Typography-15

Students were also encouraged to explore abstraction to transform conventional type into compositions that hold new relevance and meaning.

The short and intense three hour session was as challenging as it was rewarding, which was amply evidenced by an exciting body of artwork produced that was not only distinct and individual, but also surprising and fun.

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