Competition – Hiive Remix

Hiive is a new professional network for the creative industries backed by Creative Skillset.  They are offering three £1500 bursaries for designers/filmmakers/animators to produce personal work.

Hiive is completely free to use and offers a portfolio platform, job opportunities and access to educational courses.

The winners will be picked by a panel from Creative Skillset including David Abraham, Chief Executive of Channel 4.

Entrants just need to submit a brief here []

School 14.12.17 Hiive Remix Logo

Competition Brief:  Hiive Remix

Hiive Remix is all about bringing together cutting edge techniques and classic creative pieces – from paintings to music to film and beyond.

What if Michelangelo had a 3D Printer, Hitchcock had After Effects, or Mozart had an MPC?  Hiive Remix is all about bringing together cutting edge techniques and classic creative pieces. We want to see you take on an artistic institution with a modern skill set and make it yours. You write and pitch the brief and we’ll fund our three favourite submissions with a one-off bursary of £1,500.  The parameters are completely up to you – your medium, your choice of subject and your execution. We’re inspired by the works of the past but want to see a modern creative’s twist on the pieces we know and love.

Enter by leaving your idea/brief into the discussion area or e-mailing your brief to the team at with the subject line ‘Hiive remix.’

Once all the entries are in, our expert panel (including Chief Executive of Channel 4, David Abraham) will pick the winners and you’ll receive funding to carry out the work. We know creatives don’t always have the time to produce personal work – so we’re offering you the chance to do exactly what you want to do, and giving you the budget to do it.  David Abraham is Chief Executive of Channel 4 and sits on the Board of Directors for Creative Skillset. David joined Channel 4 from UKTV where he was appointed Chief Executive in April 2007. During his first year he masterminded the launch of Dave which laid the foundation for rebranding the entire UKTV network.

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