Alumni heading for L.A.

The MA Creative Advertising tutors got a nice email from one of their teams from last year’s class – Tom Dixon and Jo Griffin.  Back in October 2014, they were hired by WCRS in London after having been on placement there for three months.  That, in itself was some achievement.  But get this – they’re already off to shoot something in Los Angeles next week!  Here is Tom’s email…

“Hi Chris & Rob, Rob & Chris,

Just got home to Cambridge for the weekend and found a delivered YCN book.  They printed my commendations side by side and I felt a pang of pride and gratitude to having you as tutors.

Jo and I are off to LA (business class!) next Sunday to shoot our first big ad for Candy Crush and I just thought, thank god for Chris and Rob.  So thank you very much.

Miss you and Falmouth greatly, hope to see you in the not too distant future!  If not before then New Blood (hopefully before).


T x”

As Rob Kitchen was heard to mutter, “We must be doing something wrong, Chris – I was in the business 12 years before I got to go to bloody LA!”

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