Design Intervention, 2 day collaborative workshop

‘Design Intervention’ was a 2 day collaborative workshop between students from BA(Hons) Graphic Design & BA(Hons) Sustainable Product Design.

It began as a response to Dion Star’s Marine Debris Typeface project which helped serve as an introduction to the plastic pollution issue.

The workshop challenged the students to view waste as both a Design and a Communication problem.

Day one: After a presentation on communication and socially responsible design by Dion Star, the students (16 x Graphic Design & 32 x Sustainable Product Design) and staff spent the rest of the day investigating the Marine Debris / Plastic Pollution problem at Marazion beach.

Day two: Up at the Design Centre in Penryn, Su Vernon gave the students an understanding on the Marine Debris problem from a Design and materials perspective. The students were then put into groups of 3 or 4 and asked to select one just one item of debris and investigate its history.

They were asked; ‘What was the purpose of this object and how might you find new ways of delivering that purpose without it finding its way into the sea. Could the product be redesigned with no waste at all? Could an alternative product be created for the same purpose, or could a product or system be created which eliminates the need for that product to exist in the first place?’

They were also challenged to find new ways to communicate the issues surrounding marine debris to a new audience. Students worked as a collaborative team to design solutions to the problem which they presented at the end of the day.
DesignIntervention-Day1_02 DesignIntervention-Day1_03 DesignIntervention-Day1_04 DesignIntervention-Day1_06 DesignIntervention-Day1_07 DesignIntervention-Day1_09 DesignIntervention-Day1_10 DesignIntervention-Day1_13 DesignIntervention-Day1_15 DesignIntervention-Day1_16 DesignIntervention-Day2_02 DesignIntervention-Day2_09 DesignIntervention-Day2_11 DesignIntervention-Day2_23 DesignIntervention-Day2_26 DesignIntervention-Day2_43

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