Graphic Design Graduate Day

Six months on.

We were delighted to welcome nine of our recent graduates back for our Annual Graduate Day lecture, where our current students have the opportunity to get first-hand knowledge of life beyond University – straight from the horse’s mouth.  (L–R); Luke Meyrick (Designer @ SEA, Cornwall), Nathan Smith (Designer @ GBH, London), James Holdsworth (Intern @ Kessels Kramer, Amsterdam), Charlotte Alibon (Designer @ Honey, London), John Primmer (Freelance Designer, UK & Holland), Maisie Benson (Designer @ B&B, London), Katie Cadwallader (Designer @ Supple, Bath), Georgie Rait (Account Manager @ B&B, London) & Jo Blackwell (Primary School Teacher, Cornwall) reflect the broad range of possible careers our students take following graduation, and they were asked questions that covered the value of placements, how to survive financially, salaries, setbacks, what a degree in design gives you, what they would do differently if they had their time again, the significance of the ‘Falmouth’ name on your CV, and much more. Our new School Lecture Theatre was overflowing with students and staff, and reinforced the event of one of the most popular in our annual lecture calendar.

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