Collabology creative digital workshop 2015

20 Falmouth University students across a number of subjects have been involved in a 2 week intensive collaborative project with the aim of developing a positive change. Projects draw on a range of skills and resources at the University with an emphasis on digital making. At the final ‘pitch’ event, which was held on Thursday 23rd April in the AIR sandpit on the Penryn Campus of Falmouth University, student groups from University of the Arts London, Manchester School of Art and Falmouth linked through video conferencing to present their concepts.

The project has been instigated by prof Fred Deakin at UAL , Watch the video about my UAL student workshop at Mother to see a previous incarnation of this project.

KC IMG_0375KC IMG_0385KC IMG_0374

Kate Christman:  Justin Marshall and I have been involved in this project and we visited them last week at their HQ in Somerset House in London.  The launch event was last week and I attended via the train, which was a new experience.

KC IMG_0464KC IMG_0460KC IMG_0463

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