Ben Clapp visits our studio

P1000615 Today we were delighted to welcome Ben Clapp – one of the Executive Creative Directors at Grey London. He came to give theMA students a talk on all things digital in the advertising world.

Ben started his career in the late ’90s as an Art Director in traditional ad agencies but soon realised there was huge creative potential in the digital arena – something that a lot of the bigger agencies were ignoring in those days. He’s now a major part of the rise of Grey from being a solid but unremarkable agency to one that regularly breaks new ground and wins awards.

Ben’s entertaining talk was split into two sections – he started explaining about the digital side of things in the industry and included some of the ethos that’s been behind Grey’s successes. He then went through some of the big winners at last years awards at the Cannes Lions, making his own remarks as to their positives and negatives. In the afternoon, the students presented Ben with their answers to the 24–hour ‘live’ brief that he’d set the class the day before. He took away half a dozen of the ideas to show to his client on Tuesday.

The day ended with a few beers (which Ben had kindly donated) and a relaxed chat with the students over some of their work, one-on-one.

We’re guessing the beer must have worked pretty well, because Ben asked if he could come back down again.

P1000609 Ben chats to course leader Chris Waite

P1000635 Ariana and Mary present their ideas on Ben’s 24-hr brief

P1000637 The students say thanks for the beer

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