Placement leading to job offer at HeyHuman

Great news from Jon Vella, BA(Hons) Creative Advertising Stage 3:
“Myself and Daniel had known each other since first year and during the summer before third year had a placement together at VCCP in London. Although Daniel is on illustration his course tutors were helpful and positive in the new direction. We came back to university thinking we could float through with a placement under our belts before we left university. However it dawned on us that we didn’t really fit into the “traditional agency” style of things, although it was useful and helped us know where we didn’t want to go after uni, we decided to make a book of what we did like.

So we created a plan called Planes, trains and advertising agencies where we would visit London, Amsterdam and New York (through the illustration course) and get a book that we had created, showing what we like to do, to as many people as we could. We went to events like YCC, The-Dots to show our books around. Then just hustled for some book crits. All in all we did close to 35 book crits over the space of a month. We went to heyhuman, and met Shanoosee Bailey who gave us a book crit then the ECD, we left feeling good because they wanted us to come in for a placement. Two weeks later after we are back from Amsterdam, the ECD calls us and asks if we want to come in and work, permanently, full time. Which was amazing. We landed on our feet, at an agency that we respect and cant wait to start. Since then we have had emails and calls from other agencies looking to get us in with discussions happening of counter offers, however we think heyhuman is for us.”

Jon and Daniel’s portfolio:
BA CA 15.05.18 Jon Vella and Daniel OHara

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