Mike McKenna assesses the MA course

It’s that time of year when we, the assessors, get assessed. This year our industry-facing External Examiner is Mike McKenna. A superb copywriter and Creative Director, with a CV and list of awards as long as his not inconsiderable arm, he is currently the CD at TAG Worldwide. With no formal training (courses such as ours didn’t exist back then), Mike started his advertising life in the post room of a big, corporate agency in London and worked his way to the top. As External Examiner, his task for the next three years, is to come down to go through the students’ portfolios of work to make sure our teaching (and what the students are learning) is up to scratch. Thankfully, he liked enough of what he saw to pass us with flying colours. Thanks, Mike.

He kicked the day off by giving the class a few tips and pointers on how to get ahead in the business and how to avoid various bear traps. After that, he set about looking at their work – but such was the level of his enthusiasm that he stayed on to give crits until well past 8.30pm, the idea of a pint or two at The Chain Locker eventually proving too much of a draw. Dedication beyond the call of duty.
MA CA 15.06.11 EE1
MA CA 15.06.11 EE5

MA CA 15.06.11 EE4

MA CA 15.06.11 EE3

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