Missing type idea goes viral for National Blood Week

Ex-MA Creative Advertising students Jo Griffin and Tom Dixon from the class of 2013/14 (and now employed at WCRS in London) have hit the headlines on a national basis! They were asked to come up with an idea for National Blood Week because stocks of blood types A,B and O are running dangerously low. Their idea was to imagine a world where those letters suddenly went missing, so they asked famous brands to remove them from their names for a week. Waterstone’s, McDonald’s, British Gas, Nando’s and even Downing Street were quick to take it up – now it’s gone viral and everyone’s taking part.


This idea has been so impactful and the response from the public so outstanding, it actually crashed the blood donation website last week.

All we can say is “Well d ne, J nd T m!

MA CA 15.06.11 Type 2

MA CA 15.06.11 Type 3

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