Top creative Headhunters give our MA students a helping hand

On Friday, we welcomed Liz Harold and Christian Hartmann of headhunting company LizH fame – Since the early 80s, Liz and her colleagues have been helping creatives at all levels in the advertising industry get jobs, so it was great that they could come down to give the students the benefit of their wisdom. Christian gave an introduction to the class and explained how the company works – including how they plan to help graduates even more via a special microsite they’re developing to showcase student portfolios to agencies. At this time of year, it’s inevitable that everyone starts to get anxious about the process of getting placements and jobs. So, companies like LizH are a great help and comfort for them – there’s not much the people at LizH don’t know about who’s who, where’s where and what’s what in the agency world.

MA CA 15.06.15 Liz1

MA CA 15.06.15 Liz2

MA CA 15.06.15 Liz3

MA CA 15.06.15 Liz4

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