Graphic Oscars

The Graphic Design stage one students arrive on the red carpet for the annual Graphic Oscars, a glittering event to celebrate the end of their first year with us.

At the start of the academic year the students were asked to do a little bit of future thinking. They were each asked to write down ten things they wished to achieve by the end of the year ahead. To bring the year full circle, we gave them back some of these objectives and challenged them to create a 60 second Film that explores the achievement of one of those goals.

The following 4 films were shortlisted for awards.

Best Film – A Cornish Morning
“Making Cornwall our home away from home”

Tasha Williams, George Lee, Kerry Williams, Will Lancaster, Harry Taylor.

Best Silent Film
“Be Less Judgemental.”
Jacob Tregoning, Dusty Fairweather, Rachel Hall, Armelinda Beqiraj, Yehya Al-Hafidh, Ben White

Best Action Film – Asda Grand Prix
“Become really efficient at Supermarket shopping.”
BestActionFilm Dan Treder, Ed Sonnex, Adam Tickle, Joe Privett, Hettie Headford, plus Rebecca Hawkey (not pictured).

Best Cinematography – Cliff Jump
“Making Cornwall our home away from home”
BestCinematography Rory Black, Amy Eckleben, Charlie Bird.

The Stage One staff & students would like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to Matt Caldwell who provided the interactive Poster and Red Carpet Experience. Also to Harry Lee – our resident Paparazzi – for all of the photos.

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