Lion Arses at Cannes

A week or so ago, one of our student teams – Antonia Jackson and Vicky Katsarou – noticed that the winners of Gold Lions at Cannes don’t actually get the whole lion. They only get the front half. As Antonia says, “somewhere, there are hundreds of lion arses left in the dark, gathering dust”. So, in a masterful piece of self publicity, they created “Lionarses”, offering to give anyone a Lion Arse Award in return for a Placement. They put it out on all the usual channels, FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter. It was immediately picked up by Campaign Magazine and by dozens of people in ad agencies. Within a day or two, it went global. Such was the response, the girls decided that the obvious thing to do next was to jump on a plane to Cannes (as you do) and carry on promoting it by lying in wait for the winning delegates as they leave the pavilion. By this time, they were already famous and everyone wanted a selfie with them. Check out their lion feed @lionarses

As David Felton from Adland said: “What really struck me as brave and ballsy is that Antonia and Vicky have actually gone out to Cannes to promote themselves and are there at the moment, catching delegates between panels. I haven’t seen that level of dedication since a Student team drove around the UK from beach to beach to promote a Sarson’s Vinegar portfolio piece.”

It worked! They now have a placement at Lowe Profero – and other agencies can form a queue. We’ll keep you posted on their exploits.

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MA CA Cannes4

MA CA Cannes3 MA CA Cannes5 MA CA Cannes6
MA CA Cannes7

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