The D&AD New Blood Exhibition

Here we are at Spitalfields Market – the New Blood exhibition space. If it looks like a maze, that’s how it seems on the ground too. The temperature outside is a sweaty 34 degrees – in the building it’s considerably more, due to the glazed roof. Ugh. This exhibition is the culmination of all that we do on the course – apart from a written piece that needs to be completed over the summer. Every student team gets an area of wall at the exhibition 84cm wide to show off their best ad campaign – with their final portfolio beneath it.
Here are some shots of our walls. In the evening there’ll be a Private View, which we hope will be as peppered with advertising industry luminaries as it usually is – despite the ridiculous heat – and some positive feedback, of course.

Shots of some of the walls on our stand:
MA CA New Blood 2 P1000822
MA CA New Blood  4 P1000820
MA CA New Blood 3 P1000812
MA CA New Blood 5 P1000813
MA CA New Blood 6 P1000816

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