Graphic Design Alumni highlight: Sarah Weigold

Sarah Weigold only graduated this year but she’s already making waves …

“This is the latest in a series of interviews with designers identified by the Design Council as Ones to Watch. Sarah Weigold‘s Everyday Athlete is a conceptual design comprising a crowd of cheering spectators encouraging people to exercise more. Her motion-sensitive billboard responds to pedestrians, cyclists and joggers as they move down the street – the faster someone moves, the bigger the crowd’s reaction. “It aims to encourage impromptu exercise and make everyone feel like a sports star,” said Sarah. Sarah’s project was selected in the Living in the city category alongside Jack Beveridge’s creative campaign that shows urbanites what it would feel like to have a little more space to move and Kibwe Tavares’s film Robots of Brixton which explores the relationship between architecture, class and race.”
Keep reading the interview by Katie here: ‘Confessions of a Design Geek

15.09.02 Sarah Weigold 3 15.09.02 Sarah Weigold 2

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