Alan Kitching + Monotype Exhibition

2nd-27th November 2015
School of Communication Design
Falmouth Campus

An exciting opportunity to view the collaboration between two typographic forces:  Alan Kitching foremost practitioner in letterpress, typographer and designer and Monotype the leaders in type design and technology.

The Alan Kitching Collection celebrates the lives of five very influential graphic designers:  Tom Eckersley, Abram Games, FHK Henrion, Josef Muller-Brockman and Paul Rand.  The exhibition reveals the process behind the making of the collection, following Alan’s journey from research and sketches, through the Monotype archive and ending up in Alan’s workshop.

We welcome School/College parties to attend.  Please contact us in advance via email:

Exhibits_SE42998_SimonEllis Exhibits_SE43032_SimonEllis Exhibits_SE43199_SimonEllis Exhibits_SE43220_SimonEllis Collection AKMT_05

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