Alumni News: Big Awards

Tom Dixon (Art Director) and Jo Griffin (Copywriter) met and teamed up on the 2013-14 MA Creative Advertising course in Falmouth. They went on to win a Best In Show at D&AD New Blood 2014, and were employed by top London agency WCRS a few months later. One of the campaigns they’ve created during their short time at WCRS is an appeal on behalf of NHS Blood Donation:

The clever ‘missing type’ concept quickly went viral and was adopted by organisations all over the country including national newspapers, shops such as Waterstones and even Downing Street.

At last night’s Campaign Big Awards, the ingenuity and effectiveness of the idea received further, official recognition. Tom Dixon posted on Facebook: “Only gone and won the Paul Arden award and the Gold award for public service at the Campaign Magazine Big Awards. *Still in shock*”

15.10.22 Tom and Jo BIG awards Jo (second from left) and Tom (right) are pictured savouring the moment at the awards ceremony on 21st October.

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