Three cuddly toys and one challenging brief

The pace of the typography module adjusted this week, wrapping up the formal taught introduction and providing a capstone to the four foundational ‘pillars’ constructed over the last four weeks (content, readability, structure and chaos).

Of course, no Wednesday would be complete without starting the day with a round of Type Roulette. Neil’s balloon-driven ‘selection process’ of last week was evolved this week by Lizzie and Chris: three cuddly toys flew around the lecture theatre whilst their toddler owner remained blissfully oblivious to their whereabouts. A number of pieces of student work were subsequently chosen and reviewed—all undertaken since last week’s disorientating day of postmodernist typography. They revealed just how many of the students have successfully grasped the postmodern mantle (if such a thing can ever be, fully, grasped).

Looking forward, and build on their pillars of knowledge, students received a new brief taking us up to the end of the module (and semester) in February. Their task is to design a fictional publication for distribution at an event entitled ‘War of the Words: Design Talks’. Featuring transcripts by guest speakers, biographies, additional content and a gallery of artwork responding to the speakers’ theme, the publication is a demanding one–asking students to apply their growing skills and understanding in a highly systematic way. Structure and pacing, format, grids, type families, colour, imagery, proofreading and accuracy… all should come under the students’ scrutiny!

Next week’s Reading Week, followed the week after by a study trip to either London or Amsterdam, may give students a break from teaching, but won’t relent in asking more of their ability to observe, deliberate, and apply. In essence, to learn.

15.10.26 Typography Week 5-1
15.10.26 Typography Week 5-2
15.10.26 Typography Week 5-3
15.10.26 Typography Week 5-4

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