London Study Week – Day 1

At Ogilvy

10.30am on Monday morning and we were all gathered in Cabot Square, Canary Wharf as the busy, busy week begins. The day kicked off with a visit to Ogilvy, where we were regaled by Mike and Jon, one of the senior teams there. Funny guys. We then got an introduction to Planning and the importance of strategy from Tara Austin – followed by a talk from Chelsey, one of our ex–students from the class of 2012/13. She’s busy doing great stuff at Blue Hive, one of Ogilvy’s affiliated companies

Mike Jon
Mike and Jon
BBH visitor badge
BBH visitor badge

Phew – then it was a quick scramble to the Jubilee Line to get across town to Carnaby Street and BBH for 3pm. Freddie Wood and Ric Hooley – both grads of ours but from different years and now freshly teamed together (it’s a funny old world of coincidences) – gave the class a brief history of their journeys since graduating as well as a snapshot of the world of BBH’s superb advertising. Then we were given a tour round their building.

Ric Freddie
Ric and Freddie

Finally, we tip out onto the street as it starts to get dark and we head back to the hotel.

[MA Creative Advertising London Study Week -2nd-6th November 2015]







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