London Study Week – Day 2

Tuesday. And we find ourselves congregating outside 82 Baker Street – home to Publicis London and in particular, digital comms agency Poke, where we meet ex–Falmouth student Aurora Straton. Aurora had only just moved to Poke from 101 London, so she brought along a couple of other creatives at Poke to talk to us about the work the agency had been doing – Suchi and Bex. Their central message was that you don’t have to be a geek or be particularly digitally savvy to be successful at a digital agency. Afterwards, everyone wandered out onto their amazing roof terrace for a mass selfie session.

At Poke
At Poke
Jack Niall
Jack and Niall

After a swift bite to eat, we then trooped round to The Corner – an agency born in 2012 out of a breakaway by senior people from Publicis and Grey. Jack and Niall, grads from 2012/13 have been working there for just over a year, during a time of massive and rapid growth for the agency. The main part of their amusing presentation was about what to do and what not to do when it comes to taking your portfolios around agencies looking for placements.

At The Corner
At The Corner

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