Creative Advertising – London Week

In November the 1st year BA Creative Advertising students got to take a look at what life in the advertising industry is really like.  I took my group to Iris, Ogilvy One, RKCR/Y&R and Isobar.  They got to meet some top creative directors and executive creative directors and also got to chat to some young teams about their careers.  A great time was had by all and it seems to have inspired them all to do well and get a job in this exciting business.  We also took them to a couple of Soho pubs popular with ad folk and had a great last night in The John Snow.  Gail Parminter


1st year students also visited M&C Saatchi, kindly organised by Mark Goodwin, the Executive Creative Director. The agency put a great deal of effort in and made a very useful and informative film about the workings of their agency for us.

DLKW Lowe’s Creative Director, Phil Cockrell gave us a very entertaining talk about the ups and downs of the business. Ben Heap at the agency Mother very kindly hosted us and took us around their amazing offices. Hannah, an Falmouth Creative Advertising student herself, gave us a fantastic talk and shared some of her experiences with us. And finally, a great talk from Ross at WCRS finished off a fantastic couple of days. Mazny thanks to our ex-students Jo and Tom for organising the WCRS visit. Sion Scott-Wilson

15.12.03 London Week 1.jpg In Reception at Mother

15.12.03 London Week 2.jpg 1st year students at WCRS

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