“Punch It Up”

Monday – and we’re visited by our old friends Mandy Wheeler and Luke Sorba of Punch It Up http://www.punchitup.co.uk  Their company name comes from an often-used phrase in Hollywood, meaning to give something oomph, something extra – which is exactly what Mandy and Luke do. We’ve been getting them in pretty much every year to give our students a boost with their creative thinking bits, which everyone always finds tremendously eye-opening.

Today everything is focussed on having a ‘creative detox’, where everyone in the class learns how to rid themselves of blocks to their thinking and how to un-learn the bad habits that will inevitably have seeped into their sub conscience during their adult years. The worst of these habits include ego – being selfish with ideas and being unwilling to accept alternatives from others. The day will also demonstrate to them how to openly and properly collaborate with one another without causing personality clashes and dramas. An intense day but good fun, too.

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