Mad Man Talks

Today we were delighted to welcome Andrew Cracknell to Falmouth. A one-time Creative Director boss to both Gail Parminter (who teaches on BA Creative Advertising) and Rob Kitchen (MA Creative Advertising), Andrew has had a career in advertising that started in London back in the late 1960s. Despite (or perhaps because of) having no formal qualifications, Andrew excelled at writing ads from the start. He also had a quiet confidence, wit and natural charm which made people listen to what he had to say. At 26, he became one of the youngest ever Creative Directors the industry has seen and subsequently became known for turning round under-performing agencies without having mass clear-outs in the creative departments.

Gail introduces Andrew

Gail invited Andrew to Falmouth in part so that he could give students on both courses a talk about his book ‘The Real Mad Men’ – an accurate and fascinating account of the real-life characters on Madison Avenue in the 50s and 60s that the famous series Mad Men was based on. This book is highly recommended to all our students so they can fully understand how luminaries in the business like Bill Bernbach and George Lois changed the way advertising worked forever.

Typical 50s American car ad

The game-changing VW ad campaign

Book signing