Werkwoche | International Design Week 2016


Dion Star, Ashley Rudolph & Andy Neal were invited to take part in this year’s Werkwoche 2016 delivering a 5 day intensive workshop [STÖRUNG] – Disruption / Design Process. Including three lectures relating to their individual research interests.

International Design Week Werkwoche was launched by the Faculty of Design of the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences in 2013. The idea was to highlight the role of design and its related fields and to create a platform for national and international exchange.

Now the Werkwoche 2016, has become a vibrant five-day-event with the focus on current and future design trends. 15 designers and lecturers from eight countries explore, discuss and showcase the importance of design as an innovative tool, it fosters exchange and raises awareness of the vital role design plays in our lives.

Workshop overview



We all have our own ‘design process’ – the way we go about doing what we do as designers. The [ S T Ö R U N G ] workshop was to be an intensive opportunity for students to consider the ‘what’ and ‘why’ behind their existing design process, and to look for ways of building on and developing new patterns of working. Students were asked to consider the things they already know and utilise, asking key questions such as; “Who am I? How do I work? What do we know about processes already?”, plus an interrogation of some key barriers we face to our creativity (“What gets in the way?”), and then move through less familiar (and sometimes uncomfortable) experiences that consider emotion, language and expression as tools for new thinking.

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