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Monotype: Falmouth Monogram

As part of the Alan Kitching exhibition, Monotype invited our students to take part in a competition to design their own monogram.

Using one letter from the typefaces used in the Alan Kitching Collection, together with one other, they were asked to render their monogram in such a way that it communicated something about them as a designer. The winning entries were chosen by Alan Kitching, who each received a collection of Monotype goodies with the outright winner taking home one of the limited edition prints from the Alan Kitching Collection.  Overall, Alan felt like there was a high standard amongst the entries and was thrilled to see such variety.

The winners were announced via @Monotype on Wednesday 6th January. Here they are on receiving their monotype prizes.

Winner: Dominic Layton (centre)

Runners up: Victoria Kleymenova (left) Harry Ingrams (right)