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Bodmin College: Graphics Taster Day

The School of Communication Design hosted a taster day for students of Bodmin College on Tuesday 22 Nov, this is part of an ongoing relationship to support and host students in our Graphic Design BA(Hons) course .

The students accompanied by their tutor Jamie Baldwin were given an introductory talk by Bryan Clark, Head of Graphic Design, followed by a one-day narrative brief. They were invited to create a book interpreting the story of Red Riding Hood using only typography and shape along with a limited colour palette of red, black and white. Working with staff, Nikki Salkeld (Senior Lecturer and Course Coordinator for Stage 1) and Darren Whittington (Senior Lecturer with Graphic design and Advertising) as well as first year students, they had to reach a deadline of 3pm.  There were some very beautiful and considered outcomes which, demonstrated breadth and creative enquiry.


FdA Digital Media, Bodmin College

Bodmin College and Falmouth University have a new Digital Media Foundation Degree.

A creative multi-discipline course, which includes graphic design, film-making, photography and web-based activities.

The course offers great opportunities for careers in a variety of commercial and design practices.

For more information, please see: http://www.digitalmediafda.co.uk/

15.09.08 FdA website cover photo

Red Riding Hood – one day narrative project

Forty students from Penrice and Bodmin College took part in a one-day narrative project with graphic design staff and students.  They were asked to graphically re-interpret the story of Little Red Riding Hood, depicting six scenes using only the type and shapes provided. Thinking about,  the dynamic composition of the elements to communicate the story and its themes of violence, greed, innocence, good v’s evil.

By the end of the day they had each produced a book depicting the story.

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