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Interactive Installation: LIGHT FIELD

James Moore (Course Coordinator) and Alcwyn Parker (Lecturer) from BA Digital Media Design have been creating an installation for the Truro City of Lights Festival this week.  The project, designed and built by themselves is a reactive lighting installation, which will be featured on the ITV news tonight:

“A memorial wall of light is displayed on a shopping street in Truro, arranged as a field of 30 blooded light pools.  Motion sensors trigger a light when someone walks past it, so pathways, or ‘light trails’, following the movement patterns of pedestrians, are constantly being drawn.

Each individual illumination represents someone from the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry who was killed in WW1. The bulb stays lit for a number of seconds, relative to the age of the deceased, then fades away.  The system simultaneously “speaks” the name of the fallen soldier.”  Press Release

And here are some images, behind the scenes as the project is being built:

14.11.19 images together IMG_1821 IMG_1844