The School of Communication Design

If you ask the top creative directors, designers or art directors what the most important quality they are looking for in a graduate is, they will tell you it’s the ability to think creatively. It’s all about the ‘big idea’ behind the work, the challenging of convention and the creative risk. It is this that drives us and creates the central platform for the School – it is our shared currency.

Our graduates

Our focus on creative problem solving is the number one reason why our courses have such an impressive reputation within the creative industry. Graduates from the School can be found working in many of the world’s leading advertising agencies and design consultancies, including BBH, Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy, and JWT, Pentagram, The Chase, Lewis Moberly, Imagination and Turner Duckworth. We’re also a font of talent for news agencies and technology specialists. From the Guardian to the BBC and Google to Apple, Falmouth graduates enjoy a significant presence in contemporary communication design.

A creative hub for learning

Sharing practice is a vital part of our learning and teaching strategy within the School, whether through one-to-one sessions, small group tutorials, seminars, workshops or lectures. Our purpose-built studios provide the creative hub for learning. Here you’ll be supported by the latest digital facilities, an excellent library, access to woodblock type and other traditional printing methods. The considerable experience of the tutors provides, paired with their industry links, not only fuels our student’s daily experience, but it also helps them launch their careers.

Encouragement and inspiration

We deliver ‘the best of both worlds’. You’ll be encouraged and nurtured in the studio, but also inspired to take risks. With study trips to leading creative agencies, exchange and placement opportunities, live briefs and national showcase events, your education will be set against national and international backdrops. Infused with industry connections across all levels of study, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from some of the most influential practitioners in the industry.

Theory and practice combined

In what is an ever-changing and merging landscape of practice, our students immerse themselves in the contemporary debates surrounding communication channels and how they have transformed the transfer of messages and engagement with intended audiences. This approach not only makes our students immensely employable, it enables them to be innovative and entrepreneurial in spirit.

Complementing this theoretical knowledge and technical tuition, professional practice is at the heart of our courses. We’ll teach you how to deliver and present your work to the highest of industry expectations, and how to articulate your conceptual thinking visually, verbally and in written form. It’s a combination that has helped to shape many leading members of the creative industry, both nationally and internationally. Increasingly, ‘I’m from Falmouth’ is becoming as likely to be heard in the top agencies in London as it is in leading agencies across the world.

Jon Unwin

Director of The School of Communication Design

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